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Sweet Summer Water

People seek refuge from the summer heat, and a little excitement, among the pools and cliffs of three upstate New York swimming holes.

Training to Bobsled

Chris Fogt is a U.S. Olympic Team bobsledder. He demonstrates some of the exercises in his workout, which is designed to improve the skills his sport requires.

At Last, the Straw Bale House Is a ... Home

After a rigorously detailed plaster finish job, volunteers bid a poignant goodbye to the woman who will dwell in the sustainable house they built.

In a Lime Plaster Job, a Leonardo Moment

Forgoing cement in favor of a sustainable process that creates a silky smooth, vibrantly textured wall with a subtle microcrack pattern like that of porcelain.

This story was originally published 12/21/2012

A Couple at a Crossroads: How to Build? -

From The Ground Up | Seven

This time I focused on what we have learned about working with the sun to cut down on the fossil fuels needed to run a house.

At One With His Trowel (Sort Of) -

This time around I focused on the dirt based plaster we smeared and troweled over the straw bales.

A Building Code With Room for Innovation -

From The Ground Up | Three

From The Ground Up | Two

My second New York Times Green Blog post about our arrival in Moab for a four month internship building a straw bale house.

From The Ground Up | One

The first post in my NYTimes green blog series documenting our quest to build a sustainable home.

In New Jersey Halfway Houses, Escapees Stream Out as a Penal Business Thrives -

I produced the videos for this big multi-media investigative series

Watch Nick Newell, one armed MMA fighter, kick some ass.

My profile of the survivors of the Iran Hostage Crisis